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Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Tricky the Way It Works

Chicago's city series always draws some bizarre coverage from the Chicago typists...errr...journamalists.

Like last week's Cubs/Sox Cactus League game. The 5-3 White Sox win engendered this piece by Dave van Dyck about the "oddities" he saw.

Yesterday, Jim's crew and my heroes battled to an 8-8 tie that saw the Pale Hose choke on leads of 4-0, 5-4 (in the 9th), and 8-5 (in the 10th). Apparantly, there was absolutely nothing odd about the game, because Sully's waste of newsprint didn't mention the game at all.

Sully's only query -- Are the Milwaukee Brewers being overlooked?

Short answer: no. But if you want to spend 670 words reading about it, click here.

Unsurprisingly, the Cubs' game recap mentioned how Kevin Hart and Scott Eyre blew up in the ninth and tenth innings, respectively. On the White Sox recap, the bullpen did a bang-up job, despite blowing the three-run lead in the tenth.

When will that unnamed team stop getting passes? Somewhere, Kenny Williams weeps quietly to himself...

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