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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Patterson Watch

I touched on Dusty Baker's decision to drop Corey Patterson in the leadoff spot on Opening Day a few days ago. I offered the opinion that Baker could be considered coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs for using Patterson in a role for which he has displayed no aptitude.

Over the last week, I tracked the Reds' box scores to see if Baker continued that trend. And he has. Patterson has his leadoff in three other games. So far this young season, Patterson is five-for-nineteen as a leadoff hitter (with one walk).

Four of his five hits are for extra bases (two doubles and two dingers). That's good.

His OBP so far is .273. That's...uhhh...not good.

The Reds looked good this week, so Patterson's shortcomings may be glossed over slightly. And it's early, small sample size, blah blah blah.

But still. Corey doesn't get on base enough to be an effective leadoff man. If Baker keeps running him out there everyday (against righties, that is -- it looks like Freel takes over against southpaws), the Reds will be hurting sooner or later.

And sooner or later, Jay Bruce will force his way onto the team. Even Sarge knows it:

"Where is that young kid who looked so good in spring training in center field, and why isn't he here?" — Gary Matthews Sr., former major-league outfielder, friend of Baker and Phillies broadcaster, asking about Jay Bruce.

(Hat tip to Chad at Redlegs Nation for pointing that one out.)



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