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Sunday, April 22, 2007

That Didn’t Last Long

So now what will the Alfonso-Soriano-Can’t-Play-Center-Field crowd going to gripe about now? Lou Piniella came out and said that when he gets back to the lineup tomorrow he’ll be in left field.

Felix Pie has shown enough to get the everyday gig in center (and, no, anonymous Trib copy editor – his first game did not warrant the “Stellar Debut” tag you gave it in your headline the next day). So where does that leave the other outfielders?

Piniella reiterated the Cubs will go back to 12 pitchers "shortly," meaning someone has to go down to Triple-A Iowa, unless the Cubs come up with a mysterious injury.

Piniella wouldn't say how he will juggle Cliff Floyd, Jacque Jones and Matt Murton in right field. He also wouldn't commit to Mark DeRosa when asked if DeRosa would be his regular second baseman, suggesting DeRosa will have to compete for playing time with Ryan Theriot, who's hitting .326.

A couple thoughts on this:

I think Murton is the most likely to get shipped out. He’s not playing, and he’s not hitting because he’s not playing. And Lou’s not going to play him if he’s not hitting. So Orange Guy goes back to Des Moines to get some regular PT, and will get recalled when Jones gets traded, or Floyd gets hurt (whichever comes first).

Oh, and there will be the requisite wailing and gnashing of teeth about how the Cubs just hates them some young players. If only they gave the products of the farm system the benefit of the doubt over Proven Veterans™, like the guys on the other side of town do

The gab about the Cubs’ obsession with the Proven Veterans™ will be quickly disappeared, of course, if Theriot takes playing time away from DeRosa. I hope The Riot takes full advantage of this chance (if he gets it). I don’t think he’s going to be a superstar, but he’s young enough to get a little better and seems to understand the value of taking a walk. DeRosa is OK, but that’s all he’ll ever be. Giving him 500 PA’s overexposes him dreadfully.



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