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Sunday, May 20, 2007

How Do They Sleep?

As we all know, it's exciting Cubs/White Sox interleague series this weekend. And Sully is on the job, making sure Lou Piniella can't put anything past us stupid fans:

It took a little bit of lobbying from Lee, but Piniella eventually gave in to his slugger's request.

"At first he told me no," Lee said. "Then he thought about it."

Piniella insisted he had not ruled Lee out before the game as a pinch-hitting possibility, though the videotaped evidence suggested otherwise.

That's right, Lou -- don't bring that weak "I never said Derrek Lee wouldn't play at all" crap around here. Not with Sully and Co. checking the tape. Face it Lou -- you've been served!

Unfortunately, Sully's "videotaped evidence" only goes back five or six hours. This assertion made laugh long and hard:

The Cubs now have a chance at their first sweep of the Sox since 1998, with Carlos Zambrano facing Nick Masset on Sunday afternoon.

Everything about this statement is completely true. Except the four numbers "1998." Or, in other words, the four most important characters in the sentence.

Those of us with longer memories than an eighteen-month-old toddler's recall that my heroes swept the White Sox in 2004. But, as they say, records from that time are spotty at best. If only Sully had been there first-hand to witness the series.

Oh, wait. He was.

I'm no mind reader, so I don't know if this revisionist history is due to some darker machinations from the Powers That Be over at the Tower, or just gross incompetence from Sully and his eds.

Regardless, it's shameful and ignominious. And it makes me wonder how these people sleep at night.

The sad thing is, most readers will look at how Sully calls out Lou on the allegedly controversial Lee-pinch-hit-availability decision and applaud the intrepid scribe for his initiative in keeping the Cubs' skipper on his toes. And then they'll completely overlook the blatant misstatement of fact that Sully slips in six paragraphs later -- after all, if it's in the paper, it must be true.

I can hear them from the Tower now. "Hey, rubes," the editors call. And the rubes swallow it whole.

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