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Sunday, April 13, 2008

It's Especially Tricky the Way It Works

In an article printed today, Sully re-hashes Carlos Zambrano's "fit" from Friday night and openly calls Zambrano "crazy as ever."

Meanwhile, Dave van Dyck advances the White Sox' assertion that they're not a bunch of "whiners." As you may have heard, Ozzie Guillen accused an umpire of having a vendetta against him, and Jim Thome was recently tossed for complaining about a called strike.

Apparently, those were not "fits," and Ozzie isn't as "crazy as ever."

Because I like to be fair and balanced, I'll let White Sox GM Kenny Williams have the last word:
There's only one sports team in Chicago that will get a pass. I won't name them. But it ain't us.

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